Writing to Teach / Writing to Learn

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The Seven Valleys Writing Project (7VWP) is a teacher-leadership program headquartered at SUNY Cortland.  We are a branch site of the National Writing Project (NWP), an affiliation of sites across the United States, over 200 in all.  Find out more about our parent organization here. Seven Valleys Writing Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Each writing project sites brings teachers together using writing as a means to learn, collaborate, and reflect.  We have found that writing is a powerful tool for educators to use as they deepen their practice, and strengthens student learning in ALL subject areas, K-12 (and beyond!)

Our Summer Institute (July 7-25 of this year, 2014) is an crucible for research, planning, and collaboration through writing.  We invite applications from educators, active, new and retired, to join us for a three-week session for which one can receive graduate credit or PD credit.  More information and registration materials here.

Our in-school Professional Development programs are designed by teachers for teachers.  We have led Professional Development sessions at SUNY Cortland, the Gell Writing Retreat, Homer Schools, George Jr. Academy, Candor Elementary, Tully Schools, Lansing Schools and the like. 

Our support for graduates of the Summer Institute (“Teaching Consultants”) includes writing workshops, reading groups, writing retreats, memoir retreats, and national conferences.

=> To see what Summer Institute graduates (called “Teacher-Consultants”) say about the program, click here!


7VWP believes that:

1) Writing is a powerful tool for learning and thinking in all content areas and for all age groups

2) Writing can create thoughtful, collaborative communities

3) Writing is powerful in many forms, lengths, genres, and media (in other words, in many forms besides the essay)

4) Excellent teachers are powerful teachers of their adult colleagues

5) The best teachers of writing are those who write