Seven Valleys Summer Writing Institute @ SUNY Cortland
We’ve been at this work for nine years now, using writing to lead, research, and reflect.  Assuming we all avoid retiring, by spring approximately 12,484 Central New York students will have had a Seven Valleys Writing Project teacher for at least a year of instruction.  That’s amazing.  Many of these kids have graduated from college already!

And all along the way, Seven Valleys has recruited a community of scholar-teacher-writers who have been remarkably generous and curious, helping each other advance professionally.
This year we are again looking for an excellent group of 10-15 educators from CNY to join us in our new home on the SUNY Cortland campus and use available $700 stipends to earn graduate coursework credit.

       Thank you for your continued support, smartness, and excellent teaching, and please consider joining us by sitting in and contributing to a day of SUMMER INSTITUTE 2017!  Contact the SI teachers: David, Brian, or Laura at if you’d like to sit in and write, or lead, or soak it up!

Sincerely,  David Franke, Director, Seven Valleys Writing Project at SUNY Cortland

We are not the first to discover that writing changes how we think.  It creates a deeper, more intimate, more powerful relationship with what we read, what we know, and what we teach.  The best teachers of writing are of course writers themselves, and so in order to support students as writers, the Seven Valleys Writing Project, like all Writing Project sites,  supports teachers first.  We engage in research, imaginative writing, and practice leading writing groups.

Our Writing Project site, linked to SUNY Cortland in Central New York, is run for teachers and by teachers.  Our site (part of the state and national network of Writing Project sites) supports the teachers in our region by providing:

  • Membership in our local network of progressive teacher-colleagues, K-12;
  • Opportunities to lead workshops and boards focused on writing to learn;
  • Strategies for developing their own public voice and reflective practice;
  • High-quality professional development in CNY;
  • Reading, writing, and thinking experiences that prepare you to be a leader in writing;
  • Support for your own personal and professional writing;
  • Classroom strategies for using the power of writing for authentic learning from kindergarten to college and all points in between.



7VWP believes that:

Writing is a powerful tool for learning and thinking in all content areas and for all age groups.

Writing can create thoughtful, collaborative communities.

Writing is powerful in many forms, lengths, genres, and media (in other words, in many forms besides the essay).

Excellent teachers are powerful teachers of their adult colleagues.

The best teachers of writing are those who write

Statistics show that teacher retention is strongly increased by National Writing Project participation. Furthermore, a recent study shows that “in every case the improvement of students taught by teachers who participated in NWP programs exceeded that of students whose teachers were not participants” (NWP).

Join us as we continue to move forward in our pursuit of teaching, learning, and writing.

Seven Valleys Writing Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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