Saturday Session: Our Best Writing Assignments

Join us, March 7, from 9am-1PM for an exciting Saturday Session where we explore our best writing assignments! Get feedback, try out the work of colleagues, and write with us. Register at TST Boces MyLearningPlan.

The Seven Valleys Writing Project (7VWP)

quote4 copyis a teacher-leadership program headquartered at the State University of New York, College at Cortland.  We are a branch site of the National Writing Project (NWP), an affiliation of sites across the United States, over 200 in all. Each writing project sites brings teachers together with the goal of using writing as a means to learn, collaborate, and reflect.  We have found that writing is a powerful tool for educators to use as they deepen their practice, and strengthens student learning in ALL subject areas, K-12 (and beyond!)

Founded on the principles of writing to learn, the 7VWP works to provide opportunities to support learning and literacy at all levels of education, pre-kindergarten through university. This writing project aims to provide opportunities for educators in the Central New York region, so that:

  • Teachers have access to a local network of colleagues, and learn how to develop their own reflective practice.
  • Schools and school districts have access to high-quality professional development that incorporates teachers’ varied knowledge and interests in conjunction with school and community needs.
  • Students and teachers alike have access to reading, writing, and thinking experiences that prepare them to participate in and contribute to their communities.

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7VWP believes that:

  1. Writing is a powerful tool for learning and thinking in all content areas and for all age groups. 
  2. Writing can create thoughtful, collaborative communities. 
  3. Writing is powerful in many forms, lengths, genres, and media (in other words, in many forms besides the essay). 
  4. Excellent teachers are powerful teachers of their adult colleagues. 
  5. The best teachers of writing are those who write

Join us as we continue to move forward in our pursuit of teaching, learning, and writing.
More information is available for our upcoming Writing Matters Conference, for the 2015 Summer Institute, and any questions may be directed to Dr. David Franke.

Seven Valleys Writing Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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