Professional Days (1 hour, ½ day or full days)

Make the most of your district’s contractual professional development time with custom-designed full-day or half-day interactive workshops for the entire faculty or for a particular group. Professional Days are ideal for introducing new initiatives to teachers or for giving study groups a jump start on their work.

After-School Series

The after-school workshop series is the most flexible and effective way to provide sustained professional development to teachers and other staff. A sequence of interactive sessions totaling 10 hours or more meets New York State certification standards and offers participants the opportunity to develop in-depth understanding, apply what they are learning, and build a network of support.

Demonstration Sessions

An efficient way to disseminate knowledge and foster leadership is to have 7VWP model effective teaching strategies in demonstration lessons while your teachers participate. This program includes a collaborative planning session, a demonstration lesson and a debriefing session.

Regional Conferences:

Send teachers to regional professional development conferences held at SUNY Cortland.  Call for details or see TST BOCES MyLearningPlan.

Writing Saturdays

This offers teachers off-campus opportunities to participate in Workshops monthly and to connect and share with other teachers through the process of writing.  Teachers can choose to participate in two different types: WRITING TO LEARN or TEACHERS AS WRITERS.  Each workshop is held in Cortland, NY from 9-12.

Custom Designs

The workshop formats described above are only a few of the possibilities. Sometimes a combination of activities is needed to meet the needs of diverse faculty. Besides giving workshops, 7VWP teacher-consultants can provide mentoring to individuals or small groups, or present demonstration lessons.