Upcoming Events



JANUARY 18: Effective assignments: how to save time and improve feedback 

Professional development.  All teachers welcome.

january 23: SEven valleys writing project: leaders meeting
3:30 – 5:30 beard building

In this era of unreflective discourse, how do we lead the conversation with other teachers about writing and learning, teaching and reflection?

How we do create situations that reveal how writing is connected also to curiosity, play, and discovery?

We’ll be writing, talking and planning at the Beard Building on Tuesday, January 23.

We will start at 3:45, but if you’re driving over, come a little late if you need to.

Bring your pen, computer, and optimism! We’ll work for a couple of hours and then get something to eat for those who can stay.

February 7: seminar with dr. laura davies
3:30 – 5:00 Beard building, cortland ny

New MLA Citation Guidelines: What Do They Say about the Field? How Do We Best Teach Them?  Click here for more information.

March 6: seminar with brian fay

Pruning for Growth: Amazing Editing K-12

April 5: seminar with jacqueline Franke

Publishing Committees: Real Audience and Real Revision K-12

June: Pre-Institute meeting led by Teacher-Consultants