Ready for an adventure?

Yes, we still have openings in for our Summer Writing Workshop at SUNY Cortland!

We still have stipends to help defray course costs.

It takes 5 minutes to fill out the online application.


A             Writing helps you teach in all subjects. It helps kids think and learn.

B             Very few of us get many supportive opportunities to harness the power of writing for the classroom.

C              The best teachers of writing are teachers who write.

What to Expect:

The Summer Writing Institute is an intense writing, research and leadership summer seminar, part of the National Writing Project.

All participants are self-selected, creating a supportive, geeky, creative bunch of educators, K-12 and across the curriculum.

In collaboration, we create practical ways to use writing and become writers for three great weeks in the summer.

Yes, we have a CTLE number and are also a graduate course at SUNY Cortland.

You will get a chance to tell your own stories, do your own research, lead writing workshops, and give feedback to highly motivated peers!

Deadline is Monday, June 12. 

June 26th – July 14th

Click here to register!

All candidates must submit a statement of interest.

All applicants accepted to the Summer Writing Institute will receive a $700 tuition stipend upon successful completion.

Participation is by invitation only.

Registration is online and very straightforward.  

Please check to make sure you can attend the face-to-face real-time sessions.  

Click here to register!

Major Areas of Work at the Summer Writing Institute:

  1. Leadership, in which teachers develop and lead writing-to-learn workshops.
  2. Multi-genre writing, in which teachers create a portfolio of themselves as writers.
  3. Research, in which teachers construct and reflect on a deep reading project addressing each individual’s burning question about teaching.
Each of these prepares participants to become Teacher Consultants who can then conduct professional development with their peers.

2 thoughts on “2017 Summer Writing Institute”

  1. Hello!
    Above the site mentions “Please check to make sure you can attend the face-to-face real-time sessions. ” .

    Where can we find a listing of these dates and times?

    Thanks so much!


    1. Thanks for writing, Kim. The real-time sessions are
      June 26 – July 14, Monday-Friday, with the exception of the 4th of July, and from 8:30-4:00.
      It’s an intense and sometimes transformative experience, and if you’d like to know more, don’t hesitate to give me a call at my office phone, 607-753-5945. Best, David

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