Writing Matters VI

We will soon know more about our awesome Saturday spring writing conference by and for K-16 teachers in all disciplines and content areas.

The conference is held at Corey Union at SUNY Cortland, home of the Seven Valleys Writing Project.

In all conference sessions, teachers present strategies for using writing in the classroom, and these strategies are “portable” and “scalable” for use at any level.

In every session, you will engage in writing, not just be lectured to about writing.

Our best teachers, our best strategies, for the maximum effect in your classroom.

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FORMAT:  The most common format is for teacher-presenters to lead either singly or in a team of two.  Roundtable discussions of 4-6 teachers on a relevant topic are also encouraged, but be sure to identify a chair who will organize the session, and describe how you’ll have participants (and leaders!) write in the session.   In all sessions, the audience and presenters are predominantly classroom teachers and writers.

MORE INFORMATION: 607-753-5945 or write director David Franke at